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Italian accessories brand Furla offer handbags both for men and women, small leather goods, keychains, jewelry, watches and sunglasses, as well as scarves and gloves and also other textile products.This company started as a family business (as it is for the most Italian fashion houses) in 1955 in Bolognia, when first shop was opened that sold leather bags and other leather accessories. This brand has always been very innovative and loves mixing of different materials to achieve new and trendy results - you can purchase whole range of leather handbags or nylons handbags, as well as beautiful canvas totes as well. Furla has made the winning combination - great designs, comfortable shapes, rendy looks and affordability. Thus Furla purses are doing great among other italian leather bags.

Furla handbags on sale have great prices for hobos and totes, also shoulder purses and messenger bags and clutches. The lowest rate possible is via internet, and remember that authentic Furla bags from previous seasons and lines always have the proper dust bags and certificate included with them. The easiest and smartest way to buy a discounted purse is wait for the sales on the brand's official store (including online one). And there is one for this brand too that offers world shipping. You can get the purse from the new collection or wait for the sales to start at the end of the season.
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Furla Apaloosa bagThe new collections is just wow - from Furla Apaloosa totes to elegant Orhidea and preectical Divide IT. Each and single one of these bags look amazing. This is a typical example of what fashion houses are trying to achieve right now. It may seem strange, but the luxury market in a way is booming even in this ecenomic situation, and this is mainly due to the so called affordable luxuries sales. Well, luxury is not meant to be affordable, right? But look at it this way. The economic boom had created its echo also in the fashion industry and fashion houses went over their heads to create the next IT bags and set the prices sky high to retain the 'elite and luxury' appeal. And it has come to a day when the market is saturated with many purses, satchels and hobos from every self-respecting fashion house and no one wanted to buy an superoverpiced bag, when there were so many beautiful and reasonably priced purses. That is why such brands as Furla, Coach, Botkier and other handbag manufacturers are doing rather well. They offer a variety of decent, well crafted, elegant and great quality purses at a price customer are willing to pay for. And everyone is happy, those who can afford Hermes or Nancy Gonzalez go for their leather bags, those who are put off by paying that high price have wonderful choices around. And Furla is among them.

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Furla candyThis is one of the undisputable customer favorites among the Italian handbags and leather accessories brands. Their purses are beautiful, lively, colorful and fun. And the best thing - they cost a moderate price so you are definitely getting your money's worth. Take the candy collection. Who could resist these vibrant colors and joyful designs. For the amount of 261 USD (+ shipping) you can get this gorgeous tote today. It is made of transparent PVC and has rubber feet. The size is 12.5" x 8.5" x 7".

Furla handbags online have the best deals with lowest prices possible on authentic Furla bag (such as Greta bag, Elizabeth bag, Clara purse and Carmen bag). Discounted designer bags are featured on our handbag sale, as the season changes there are many authentic luxury bags sold at moderate prices. Find you favorite fashion bag brand and look for hot deals as many of these authentic designer hand bags are applied huge price reductions. read also more about designer leather bags. Furla is one of those Italian handbag makers that have combined quality with large color choice and reasonable price police. It is one of the best designer bag choices on the market. And if you are lucky you can buy items on Furla sale.

Furla Penelope shopperFurla discounts are usually done twice a year at the end of the summer and winter season. And yes, the choice is quite plentiful even for the most picky customer and prices are more than delightful. They are also not afraid to put the sale section on their site so that the merchandise is available to all of their customers.

Their new Giovanna Furlanetto collection is very sophisticated and beautiful in lines and in choice of gorgeous materials. For the classic business and daily shopper we suggest you take a look at the Penelope tote. It is quite large in size 28 x 41 x 15.5 in centimeters. The same in inches is 11" x 16" x 6".

You will find three compartments inside with zip closure, there is also a phone pocket.. The handles can be adjusted. As regards details - the hide is tanned with eco-friendly substances, such as vegetable tannin. It has also beige lining inside. The hardware is palladium covered. Inside you will also find a small metal place which you can engrave with you initials or any other message. The closure is zip closure. All in all - this is quite and impressive and beautiful purse.
The price is 750.00 € or 1014 USD (approximately - depending on the current exchange rate).

Honestly - there is no match to Furla when it comes to matching style, design, quality and price. It still continues to be among the leaders of fashionable purses in Europe. Although the client base is mostly very young, there have been several great business and ready-to-go-anywehere purses been made in recent collections, like Jade clutch or Twiggy satchel. They also have a sale several times a year which gives plenty of opportunity to buy a discounted beautiful piece of their leather accessories for a much smaller price.