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Balenciaga is a Spanish brand established by Cristobal Balenciaga in 1914 in Spain in the San Sebastian. Balenciaga invented the bubble skirt, reminded of the tunic dress and his designs were well recognized for very feminine and distinctive shapes and silhouettes. Balenciaga clientelle had the most distinguished people of his time, royalty, political figures, wives of prominences, such as Pauline de Rothschild and Jackie Kennedy. Balenciaga today is owned by the Gucci group. The brand's IT bag is the Motorcycle bag that is still rather popular among the celebrities. Motorcycle bag is one of the best sold bags in the world and here are the good news - you can buy discounted Balenciaga Motorcycle bag on sale and get authentic handbag paying less money.

Buying Balenciaga bag online is easier than it seems, all you need to do is find a trusted site that sells genuine discounted designer bags, including Balenciaga bags on sale or discounted purses oonline. Also the brand itself has an electronic shop. where you can get the Giant purse in black, navy. silver and bright yellow colors. The store is very convenient and right for those who love efficient shopping. This brand is not known for experimentation, but more for finding a new spin for already classic and proven models. In case of Giant, it is a safe and trendy choice for any handbag lover.
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Balenciaga Giant Brogues City.
Balenciaga Giant Brogues City purse The soft beautiful leather is one of the main selling points together with the classic and traditional Balenciaga details. The bag is studded with leather covered stud details and the leather is also perforated along the sides creating a contrasting pattern. Closure is zip closure. This purse also has detachable shoulder strap and external pocket. Interior of this handbag is lined with textile lining. The size for this model is 15 inches x 9.4 inches x 5.5 inches. This particular purse is made in Italy. The cost of this purse is around 2000 USD dollars. It is sold also in the brand's official web page e-store.

Discounted designer handbags, clutches and wallets at great and surprisingly low prices. Balenciaga purse is the ultimate designer bag. And since its launch the motorcycle bag has been doing really well. Appraised by the fashion critics, editors and celebrities, Balenciaga Motorcycle handbag is still one of the hottest accessories. Luckily for you we offer discount designer handbags, including discount Balenciaga Motorcycle bag.

Balenciaga is one of the trendiest brands, and they have never lost their special appeal in designs and never sacrificed the elegance of any of their accessories for some short term fashion demands. This is what makes this brand great. Balenciaga handbags can be bought online and there is everything from phone pouches to large and spacious daily bags. The designs are quite laconic and leather color choice is sufficient. You can find perfect gifts for somebody who needs a quality designer bag.Balenciaga tote

Lots of the new collection purses are still riding on the glory of the Motorcycle and its numerous spin-offs. However there are some new intriguing additions, such as the large leather pocket tote in coral and black color.

The bag reminds of the Malevich's black square and requires to think carefully about the outfit you are going to wear with it and yet it looks fascinating and worth the 855 GBP (or around 1370 USD - an approximate calculation not including the shipping). This tote is made in calfskin and the black square is actually a front pocket.

The inside is unlined and there is no closure of any sorts, but this somehow works for this particular laconic style purse very well. Inside there is one small pocket provided for cellphone.

Does Balenciaga has sale?

Balenciaga Tube XS redPeople are often inquiring about Balenciaga handbags on sale. Unfortunately this proud Spanish brand does not have a sale or outlet section at their stores (both virtual and regular boutiques).

However, if you are looking for deals may we suggest the small and very cute Balenciaga Tube XS in amazing red shade.

It costs about 1020 USD (sold online) and its details are as follows: the leather is grain calfskin. The lock is a metallic lock with the brands logo. Metals is gold plated. It has a detachable shoulder strap, which can easily turn this small purse into clutch bag. Inside you will also find a small mirror. Measurements are 14cm x 16cm x 7cm. In inches it is 15.5" x 6"x 2.7".

Once again - you can close your eyes and click buy to any of the leather hand bags in the store and you would not be disappointed as the design, manufacturing quality and materials are absolutely perfect.

For EUR 1,495.00 you can get this amazing Padlock Work XS.
It is carry and shoulder purse in smooth calf skin.
Top closure with zip.
Textile lined.
Metal studs at the bottom for protection.
Mirror included.
Call to inquire about availability at the store closest to you.

Balenciaga is absolutely hot this season with the cable shoppers - one of the most beautiful totes available right now. Or alternatively i - if you wish for something that the other brand's do not have but you are not in for an experiment in shapes, then the new marble bag is exactly what you need. It will stand out great if paired with the black dress. But just as well it will go with jeans and loafers. Visit the official page of this fashion house to learn more about it . If you have money to spend on a decent purse, you will not regret a purchase from this fashion label.