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Lanvin represents luxury French fashion. Its founder Jeanne Lanvin was a brilliant designer with good sense for business as well and she left her company for her daughter Marguerite in 1946 as a successful label selling such fashion items: men and women pret a porter and haute couture, very successful perfumes line, accessories business and even home decoration products line. The main expansion of Lanvin brand happened in 1924, when first brand's perfume was introduced. Although this fashion label is one of the most beautiful French fashion houses, they opened a boutique in the States only in 2009. Discrete luxury - that is to summarize brand's characteristic features. If we talk about Lanvin bags - these beautiful and bohemian style luxury handbags have conquered their niche in today's market.

Lanvin bags carry the traditional aesthetics of Lanvin designs - you can find classical shapes and golden chain straps or golden chain fixtures for the bags, but these gorgeous purses all have always retained their French chic and class. There is always something very sculptural something timeless in their purses. If you are looking for a Lanvin bags on sale, you will most likely find nine (apart from second hand market). This is one of those brands who are very proud about their legacy and will not be selling their products cheaper to please larger crowds.
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Lanvin Happy BagIf you have extra 12000 EUR or 17000 USD to spare, there is the ultimate luxury purse - the Lanvin Happy in crocodile leather. It has a golden chain with a ribbon and a brand's rounded metal charm. The closure is a turn - lock closure. The dimension of this purse is 28 cm (W) x 22 cm (H) x 9 cm (D). In inches is goes - 11.1" x 8.7" x 3.6". The inside is lined with nylon. Pocket is also provided inside.

The handbags made by this brand are absolutely stunning. And this brand has added many great leather bags to their new collection this year. These bags are also available online via e-store, where you can buy other brand's products as well, including many luxury purses from older collections and some new arrivals.
There are many great purses in crocodile leather - find a perfect purse for yourself or choose a celebrity handbag to have similar style. This French brand is pure elegance and even Michelle Obama has been seen wearing Lanvin.

Lanvin minaudiereWell, the market has been very saturated with bags of all shapes and sizes. The one segment where there is a bit less competition is the minaudieres. Cute and small they are becoming more and more popular. If you have a budget for something very beautiful and expensive, may we suggest this wonderful Lanvin minaudière.
Price: EUR 1485.00 or approximately 2030.00 USD.
Material: leather and satin
Features: shoulder chain.
Lining: suede
Size: 6.7" x 3.1" x 2"
Closure: metal snap. Availability: boutiques and e-store.

Lanvin is an epitome of French elegance. From start to beginning, they have always played a major role in the handbag business and never once lost their appeal or style. Being a high end fashion house also no compromises were made in terms of price. It also means that there are no compromises in terms of manufacturing quality, high end materials and hardware. yes, the price is steep. Still, it is undeniable that these handbags are worth every penny.