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Buying a Stella McCartney bag is definitely different than buying traditional designer handbag, because her famous handbags are made of faux leathers and other artificial materials instead of genuine leather. This brand is very eco-friendly and she is well known advocate for animal rights (PETA), her skincare line is made of organic ingredients and Stella uses recycled materials for her handbags and tries to use organic origin materials in her fashion clothing as well. This designer surely has unusual story - born as daughter of Beatles leader Paul McCartney she had already seen the world at very young age and met many of the prominent world's fashion, music and political figures too. After studying design in London, she started working for Chloe and initially received mixed reviews about first collections.

However now nobody doubts her talent and she now is successful in designing clothing and handbags as well. At first she had a collaboration with the LeSportsac where she designed Stella McCartney handbag line, consisting of travel bag and other bags, for example, handbags for mothers with little children. Her fashion statement is the eco-friendly urban city handbag that is both beautiful in its sleek form and practical due to materials used and bag inside interior organization. Buying discounted Stella McCartney bag on sale presents an opportunity to buy authentic designer bag at lowest price possible.
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Stella McCartney Falabella purseIf you want to be friendly with nature and resources and still are a fashionista, there are many great brands that offer high quality faux leather purses, and this is one of the brands that does that. This purse is called Falabella chain purse and it consists of faux leather (55% polyester, viscose and nylon). It comes with a brand's logo tag. The closure is a snap closure. Price for this purse is rather high $ 1335, but this is what you pay for a designer name.
These luxury handbags and chained hobo bags from this season and previous collections, including Stella gym bag from collaboration with Adidas. Also this brand offers luxury bags, that are made of environmentally friendly materials. These luxury designer bags are not cheap bags and they cost a great deal if you are buying it in a boutique. As usual there is an option to purchase discounted designer bag at the end of the season when handbag sale happens.

Thus you can save money and still get a beautiful authentic designer handbag. Stella McCartney sale takes place two times a year and this presents a wonderful opportunity to purchase a luxury purse designed by this unique designer. The artificial material handbags can be a match to their expensive and exotic leather sisters. These bags are very durable as well, they are great looking and by buying such handbag you prove that you care about our planet.

Stella McCartney Beckett clutchIt is rather easy to fall in love with McCartney designs - they are very feminine but not too revealing or flirty, they are very romantic as well, but not getting too obsessive about the details. It is for sure one of the fashion houses that is here to stay and we are going to see consistent and convincing results by each season.
If you are looking for a designer clutch bag, may we suggest the Beckett envelope clutch by this brand?
Sold at EUR 495 or $688 this slim and minimalist envelope bag is made in many colors - black, grey, pink, red, yellow, ivory and lipstick red.
It is made in Polyurethane and polyester combination called Eco Alter Nappa that is very friendly to environment and animals. It has a flap front with a magnetic clasp for convenience. The bag can be cleaned with damp cloth.
Envelope clutch dimensions are W 31cm x H 21cm x D 1cm or in inches it is W 21.2" x H 8.2" x D 0.39".
Can be purchased online.

Still environment friendly, still trendy. A very successful previous collections have inspired Stella McCartney to produce more of sought after eco purses. From Tokyo to Paris her fan base is growing.