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Gianfranco Ferré (1944 - 2007) has received education of an architect, but his first experience in fashion and design was in 1970, when he started designing accessories. Before launching his own label he was into design of rain coats and initially his company was named Baila. Women clothing design was followed by men's clothing and in 1989 he was offered a job with Christian Dior - a world known designer of the time. So for some time he was designing for both company's - his own and Dior's and was living and traveling between Paris and Milan. This designer was awarded the Occhio d'Oro Award in Italy for 6 times. Fashion products from this brand can be bought worldwide and also via internet shops.

Ferre bags will be great match to the famous shoes and there are multiple selections from brown and beige leather purses to black posh style evening bags and glittering golden clutches for the ultimate classy night out. The collection is not too large, but the variety is sufficient and some of the clutch bags are exceptionally beautiful.
Larger Ferre tote bags are also available and they can comprise a great deal of essentials because of their spacious form.

Ferre small purseThis small purse by this brand is truly beautiful - the suede and glossy leather trims look very delicate and there is certainly a luxurious appeal. This is one of those cute purses you just want to own and carry to events that require dressing up and little luxury.
The purse looks effortlessly elegant and for the collectors is a must have. Right now it is not available thorugh the brand's website so you must look for other options online if you feel tempted by this purse.

As this label is among the luxury manufacturer's you will not find Ferre sale. However there is option of buying from such sites as or other high end designer stores. Ferre is a fashion house worth exploring if you have love extraordinary and futuristic apparel. Their handbag lines might not be the love at first sight but give it a try and you will find that fascination with the designs and materials that everyone is talking about. Their new collection is also very promising.

Also check the web page thoroughly, if you are buying online to get an authentic product.

Gianfranco Ferre has not been the name most mentioned in the recent years fashion magazines. That is a real pity because of the potential of this brand. We are hoping for more news soon. This would not be the first case of complete rebuilding of a brand, just like what happened with Gucci in the early nineties, when brand went through noticeable transformations. Also with the name of Ferre there comes a legacy and it would be a shame if it all went to waste.