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German designer Jil Sander is known for her minimalist design and style. When she started her own brand in 1978 world was dominated by rich and lavish styles so initially she did not receive the credit for her work and only in 1990-ties, when the minimalist aesthetics became the leading trend so did Jil Sander fashion. The brand is now owned by Prada and it has also perfumes and cosmetics line. Her handbags carry the same ascetic tradition in their styles and they usually are made in blue, brown, black, white and gray shades. Buying handbags from this company online is possible and you can get authentic purses by this brand paying less money. This is a brand that has clean lines and yet feminine silhouettes. Their hand bags and shoulder bags are as beautiful and chic as comfortable.

The characteristic features of handbag by this designer is the minimalist inspired shape, clean lines and best leather used (this brand also has canvas bag, such as canvas tote bag),her purses on sale is the right time to buy cheaper purses from their previous collection, because designs by this brand are truly timeless and the quality and craftsmanship of these bags make them last for many seasons. These purses might look a bit heavy, however they are great supplement to the minimalism inspired apparel that is still the trademark of the brand.
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Jil Sander purseFor price of 890 EUR or 1300 USD You can get this elegant and well framed handbag online form the brand's official e-store.

The purse is made in soft calf leather, It features shoulder strap and a handle. The inside is lined. Closure is framed. The beautiful deep blue shade goes well with the reference to the retro style made in the form of the frame.

Its dimension is 24 x 32 x 17 cm (which is height x width x depth). The same calculated in inches is 9.4" x 12.6" x 6.7".

Best price on this designer's items is guaranteed as many of the items come from the seasonal bag sale. There are many discount designer bags available at the best price, as well as we offer to choose from variety of styles - there are hobo bags, totes, satchel bags, clutches and messengers. Also the styles are very different - from classic and classy leather hand bags to nylon tote bags among other ladies hand bags. These designer purses can be also bought online.

Jil Sander clutch
If buying regular priced Jil Sander items is too expensive for you then the sale is the time to get these superb quality and superb design items at a cheaper price.
For example, you could get this beautiful violet shade Jil Sander bag on sale (top right picture) for 234 EUR ~ 318 USD (previously 390 EUR ~ 530 USD). It is crafted in top calf leather and has a zip closure.
Its dimensions are: width is 28 cm, 13 cm depth and 25 cm height. In inches the same goes 11" x 5" x 10" .
Sold online worldwide. Shipping charges and/or customs duties might apply.
The new collections by this luxury fashion retailer do not go in new risky directions but rather keep their cool refined and absolutely beautiful minimalism style. Take a look yourself at the most recent series of gray calf skin leather purses - as always the highest quality in every sense of the word. Whichever purse you buy from this brand it will last you long, and it will go great with almost any outfit you choose, be it a very classic from the same designer or something completely different from new fashion house. That is the best thing about genuine designer bags. When they are really made in top quality - both in terms of design and manufacturing, they are meant to last. And this is the very essence of Jil Sander - the timelessness of the designs. Their wearability as well - from office or art curators job to a night out.
The new fav of the season is the Jil bag. The brand's web page offers very convenient shopping experience and good shipping rates.