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Who is Helmut Lang? First of all he is an Austrian designer who has its place in the Italian and French dominated fashion industry. He has a proven track record of urban and industrial inspired designs in men's and women's fashion. Helmut Lang studied in banking, but found that this was not his passion and left the studies. He had a brand under name of Bou Bou Lang that was popular in Austria and opened his own label under Helmut Lang in 1986. Slim suits and dresses were the trademarks for his minimalist aesthetics fashion. In 1997 he moved to the USA and also moved the company headquarters as well. The brand has also underwear line, shoes, fragrances and perfect jeans line as well. Helmut Lang accessories line is very interesting one and is one the rise.

Helmut Lang handbags are alternative ones. If you go to any major fashion show, most likely you will not see the major brands represented in terms of handbags, as fashion elite always searches for the single outs, the difference and alternative. This brand bags provide all this together with quality and perfection. You can also buy Helmut Lang bags and purses online through luxury department shops or at the barnd's boutiques and authorized stores. If you love futuristic and/or apocaliptic type of "atombomb dropped but we still dress up beautifully in distant future" then this brand is the one for you.

Helmut Lang Syn PurseHelmut Lang Syn bag
This is absolutely other type of handbag brand. Take the Syn bag below, as an example, who had though of creating a Helmut Lang purseflower bud, pod or an exotic fruit like purse so far. And oddly enough it works. There is nothing preventing this bag becoming one of the IT accessories for young crowd. Sold at Barney's - online store including at price of 495 USD.

The details of the purse: It is 4.5"x 8". Color choice is red, black and beige. The closure is zip closure and shoulder strap from woven leather is adjustable. Inside is textile lining.

It is so easy to fall in love with this brand. Their collections always have this something extra, the wow factor and even if it is not your favorite style it catches the eye. Unfortunately the new season has not been blessed with many purses from this label, but let's hope for the next season. The bag (picture to the right) has been made in beautiful gray leather, it as two (braided) handles and a shoulder strap. There is also a decorative tassel attached. As regards pockets - there are internal, external zip pockets as well as open pockets inside. The bag is fully lined and it has a zip closure.
Helmut Lang sale.

Those who have been faithful to the metal and leather aesthetics of Helmut Lang will like this cute and quite multi functional purse.

Absolutely practical, absolutely adorable and made in durable top quality leather.

Purse costs $ 595. Sold also Online.

Shoulder strap can be removed - making it a clutch for the evening style.
Size - 6" x 7 3/4" x 3".

Learn more about the ascetic purses from this label. An utmost perfection in every detail and worth every penny. The elegance and innovative approach had made Helmut Lang one of the known names in the fashion business. And the brand continues to grow today. Also their online store is available to customer from around the globe.